Northminster Needs Your Voice

The Situation

Northminster Presbyterian will no longer be able to host our anticipated 25 women and children who are experiencing homelessness this winter.  The original plan was to house these individuals from Jan 13th through Feb 10th between the hours of 7pm and 7am.  All of the women in the program are activity seeking long-term housing; each have a social worker and a case manager; each are free from drug or alcohol abuse; their children have been enrolled in Montgomery County schools for years and take advantage of a program where a school bus would pick them up and and drop them off everyday.  Many of the women in the program have regular jobs but do not make enough to afford housing.  Temporary housing and shelter has proven to be one of THE BEST pathways to long-term housing. A zoning issue has been brought to light that neither we, the presbytery, the Fire Marshal, the organization we are partnering with, nor our insurance company were aware of or that the zoning issue would prevent us from having the shelter at the church this winter.

So here’s our plan…

We are going to spend the next 12 months fighting to make sure Northminster will be able to host these women and children next winter.  It will take some heavy lifting.  We will need to let our compassion be louder than those who wish the church would stay silent.  We will need to be more organized than those who desire to stop us.  This is the work that Christ has called us to do as we live out The Gospel.


What you can do: Join the Team for Future Updates

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