A Call to Action: “Reclaim Our Vote”

October 9, 2020

“RECLAIM OUR VOTE” Postcard Mailing Campaign

Our humble gratitude is extended to the Northminster Presbyterian Church Community for your prayers and participation in the historic “Reclaim Our Vote” Postcard Campaign 2020. We successfully wrote and mailed 1,000 Postcards to voters in the state of Georgia. To learn more about the Center For Common Ground and to track voter information before and after November 3, 2020, please visit the website http://centerforcommonground.org/main/index.php/campaigns/reclaim-our-vote.

In addition to Reclaim Our Vote, the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) is committed to taking a continued stand for equity and equality for all God’s people. Seeking to be a faithful witness to the need to continue to stand and bear witness in issues of justice, the Presbyterian Voting Campaign has been created to engage, educate, and motivate people to exercise their right to vote, especially those who are a part of marginalized communities. The call to challenge current voter disenfranchisement and government’s collusion with corporate wealth continue to be at the center of our special emphasis throughout the PC(USA)’s Season of Peace, which began on Sunday, Sept. 6, 2020. For a comprehensive listing of events scheduled throughout the month of October, please visit PCUSA’s website at: www.pcusa.org/vote

Watch this PC(USA) Votes! campaign video to learn more :