A Call to Action

June 2, 2020

Dear Northminster Family,

We are witnessing a moment in our city and throughout this nation when it is necessary for our church to take a stand and to bear witness that God is on the side of the oppressed and that God’s Word – the Bible – is not a prop! Earlier this morning, I received a call from Deacon Carolyn Michell who asked me if there is anything Northminster can do to show our concern for all that is taking place, especially in response to the unbelievable scene at Lafayette Square Park on yesterday when protesters were tear-gassed and arrested. 

I’m writing to inform you that we are planning to go down to Lafayette Park later today (June 2nd) at 3:00 pm to provide food and water and to join in prayerful protest of the injustices related to the recent deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor. We will be departing from the church at 2:30 pm. If you’d like to get involved or have any questions, please meet us at the church or respond to this email (info@northminsterdc.org). 

We are all experiencing a wide range of emotions (anger, grief, shock, disbelief, etc.) regarding the senseless murders we are witnessing and the systemic racial injustices that exist in this country. Our Bible Study on tomorrow will give us an opportunity to dialogue and strategize about how we can mobilize positive action. But for today, we will join those in the streets to bear witness to God’s light, love, and healing presence in the world.

Pray for us as we go forward. 

Keep the faith,
Rev. Byron