Northminster Presbyterian Church

Service Kit Drive

Throughout the month of October, we will be collecting items to create disaster relief hygiene kits for the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance program. These kits are sent after a disaster to locations where these materials may not be available to people who need them. Last year, kits were sent to Texas and Puerto Rico after the destruction from hurricanes, and to California and Oregon during the wildfires. Kits also help in man-made areas of need, such as refugee camps and the US-Mexico border.

Each sunday in October, we will collect one or two items that go into the kits, and on October 28th, immediately following the service, we will gather downstairs in the social hall to have lunch and assemble the kits. Each kit consists of: a hand towel, a washcloth, a comb, a nail clipper, a bar of soap, a toothbrush, and 10 bandaids. The kits are assembled in gallon ziploc bags. The schedule will be as follows:

Sunday, October 7: Hand towels (approximately 16″ x 28″, no fingertip or bath towels)
Sunday, October 14: Washcloths and wide-tooth combs (plastic or wood, not metal)
Sunday, October 21: Bandaids and nail clippers
Sunday, October 28: Toothbrushes (individually packaged) and bars of soap (bath size, individually wrapped) and Packing Day!

We also need a few people to bring in a package of gallon-size ziploc bags on the 28th. Please let Deb know if you want to help with this.

Want to bring multiples of an item? Great! Just remember that we need the same number of each item (except for bandaids), so please don’t bring 100 bars of soap and no nail clippers.

Miss a Sunday but have something to bring? Just bring it in the next week!

Dollar store items are fine.


Here are some examples of the types of items we need from Amazon. If you plan on ordering from Amazon, please keep in mind the quantities noted:

Hand Towels (link is for a pack of 6):

Soap Bars (link is for pack of 30):

Washcloths (link is for 24-pack):

Wide-tooth comb (link is for 4-pack):

Bandaids (link is for 280 bandages, which is enough for 28 hygiene kits):

Nail clippers (link is for pack of 12):

Toothbrushes (link is for pack of 12):